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Say yes to these engagement ring Instagram ideas!

You just got engaged, congratulations! Once the initial high of getting engaged wears off, you need to share this wonderful news with family and friends! After making a few phone calls (your parents will want to hear it from you and not through the rumour mill, trust me), it’s time to post the news on social media! You could keep it simple with an Insta of your freshly manicured nails and newest sparkly accessory…or you could try one of these creative ideas and share your engagement in style.

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Women’s Halloween costumes used as excuse for slut-shaming

“Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.”

That line is from the cult classic teen comedy Mean Girls. Yet while Halloween is the single day of the year you can dress however you’d like, the judgment is there whether it’s in the form of unwanted attention or the judging remarks of a friend.

Slut-shaming happens year round, but spikes during Halloween because of the costumes worn. If you’re shopping for a Halloween costume, it’s obvious that most female costumes are over sexualized. A men’s firefighter costume will look similar to the uniform an actual firefighter wears, but a woman’s costume will consist of a form-fitting dress or impossibly short shorts, both of which are completely unpractical if you’re to fight a fire. Women’s costumes are aggressively revealing; you’re hard pressed to find one that isn’t.

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Distracted driving passes drunk driving in road fatalities

Around a quarter of fatal vehicular crashes in Ontario for 2015, as of March, have been caused by distracted driving.

According to Ontario Provincial Police numbers from 2013, distracted driving now causes more deaths than impaired driving.

And yet drivers still aren’t getting the message.

I refuse to get into a car with someone who’s been drinking, a stance I’m sure most people would agree with, and yet we continue to drive with friends who are texting.

I always ask the person to put down their phone or offer to text for them if it’s really urgent. We’ve allowed distracted driving to be more socially acceptable than impaired driving when studies now show they’re both fatal.

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Nothing wrong with different, says mom of autistic son

TAY TOWNSHIP – April may be Autism Awareness Month, but a local woman is trying to keep awareness going all year long.

Sarah Ramsbottom is the mother of two boys, Harrison, 6, and five-year-old Cohen, who has autism.

“I knew something was different with him,” she said. “Not wrong, but different.”

At a young age, Cohen hit milestones such as walking and talking faster than his older brother, but then Ramsbottom and her husband noticed he began to regress.

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Going Loco for Locavore

Walking through the plastic curtains at Local Kitchen and Wine Bar, the atmosphere is already alive and the restaurant won’t be open for a few hours. Stools are turned up on the tables, the walls are lined with quirky posters, vintage mirrors and animal heads. Loud music plays from the back of the kitchen where food is being prepared for the dinner service. The large window facing out onto Toronto’s Queen Street West is the only light needed for now; it lights up the longest table, which is made of a refurnished door and decorated with fresh flowers.

Toronto is a city bursting with chain restaurants and fast food joints, but this small restaurant isn’t the same as others. Some people may pick where they’re going to have their next meal based on convenience, instead of questioning where the food comes from. But not if you’re a locavore, a word that only came into play in 2005. Originally from the word carnivore, the definition of locavore is someone who strives to eat locally grown food whenever possible, some even sticking within a 100-mile radius. Continue reading